About B2b

Back2Basics is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for Android and possibly at a later time also for PC (Windows and Linux), iPhone and Mac.
The game is written entirely in Java making cross-platform possible.
B2b makes use of the jPCT 3D Engine as it is free, easy to use and has an excellent community.

What and why?

  • Android - I got myself an android phone and like to program for the devices I have.
  • Java - To develop for android Java is a requirement, also because it is supported on most platforms and operating systems it can be widely used on any device.
  • jPCT - First off, It's free and easy to use, also I had first hand experience with it's excellent community. Whenever there is a question, someone (mostly the owner of jPCT) is always happy to assist.
  • SQLite - It's fast and it can be used with any operating system as it does not require any external server software (like MySQL or MSSQL).

What is there?

I already finished writing the server-client methods that will make it possible for the client and the server to communicate to each other.
With that, I have a register and a login function in the client that verifies the data with the server, the server is using SQLite for database handling.

In my mind

I want this to be a third person MMORPG, that will use no hardware buttons; this means that there will be no movement of any kind with a physical or an on-screen keyboard or joy-pad of any kind.
The reason why I want this, is that there are a lot of mobile devices with a lack of hardware buttons to be used (like my own Samsung Galaxy S).
The movement will be by tapping the ground go where you want. Combat will be achieved by tapping a monster and than using a 'skill bar' to attack it, this will contain an Move-To and Attack 'button'
You must also be able to walk to other players, NPC's and quest objectives using this Move-To 'skill'

Read the Todo for a list of things that still need to be done.
If you are interested to see what I am current working here, click here.